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Seed improvement technologies

Centor India is focused on finding practical, innovative solutions for problems that grower’s face, by bringing new technologies to the table, using seed in the first instance as the delivery vehicle to improve all aspects of production from start to finish.


Our seed applied polymer products result in value adding in one of its simplest forms through the use of high quality filmcoats, encrustments and pelleting under our Seedworx

and Ezi-cOTE     range, with the technology, equipment, machinery and customer service to bring it all together.



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Our dedicated team of global scientists work diligently to develop and strengthen what we offer, and importantly to create new and innovative ways to improve the finished products for our customers.

While we may be part of a global group, we enjoy working locally with our customers, utilising our fully equipped laboratory to find the best solutions to seed coating application issues. Explore our website for more information, better still get in touch with one of our team to discuss how we can help you.



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Seed Coating
How is a new seed coating developed? 


Centor India would like to make the best of our current situation during the global pandemic by giving you the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes when formulating a seed coating for today's requirements.


While we would normally showcase at the various congress and visit with our customers, we have taken the time to put together a visual outline of just some of the many technical aspects that are weighed and considered during product development. We hope you remain well and enjoy this exploration behind the scenes in our dedicated global R&D lab.

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