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One of the advantages of teaming up with Centor India is its wide product range:

Seed Coating Materials

  • Polymers

  • Blends

  • Colors

  • Biostimulants


Seed Coating Machinery

  • Rotary Coaters

  • Dryers

  • Pan Coaters

  • Screens

Analytical Equipment

  • Precision Dataloggers

  • CF Sensor (Mini)

  • Lab Flow - Tek Seed

  • CF Analyzer (Lab Scale)

Drying Beads & Dry Boxes

Alongside this is technical services, consultation, training.

From our Seedworx and Ezi-Cote materials ranges you have a series of world class solutions for:

  • Filmcoating

  • Encrustment

  • Pelleting


Have a look through our product offerings, or if you want a solution for a particular crop then check out our

Crop Solution pages.

If you require some more specific advice please contact us, our team would be happy to assist you with your enquiry.​

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