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Centor India understand that in order for growers to obtain the highest yield, a good crop start is required. We have equipment to help you monitor and maximize your crop management production systems and harvest timing to ensure the highest seed vigor and quality. Additionally, we can assist you with decisions in the optimization of your seed cleaning, grading and sorting equipment. Centor India can help you with crop solutions, how to maintain your seeds yield potential from planting through to harvest with the world’s best stock management and monitoring, including “state of the art” drying technologies.


Lab FlowTek

  • Indicates how quickly seed will pass through equipment

  • If there will be any issues with bridging in hoppers

  • Gauging plantability in the field


Mobile Chlorophyll Analyser

  • Practical germination alternative

  • Storability selection in the warehouse and intake

  • In-depth view of any seed lot

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CF Sensor

  • Measurement of a true single seeds

  • Fast and precise

  • Truly mobile

  • Low quality seeds can be identified

EL-SIE Right Side Temperature.png


  • -18 to +55°C temperature range

  • 0 to 100% RH humidity measure range

  • Stores over 1,000,000 readings

  • No software to install

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