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Centor Group

WORLD MAP HR v5 3 centres of excellence.

Globally focused, operating


Centor Group is committed to taking a fresh approach towards better crops, better environmental outcomes and better food.


We keep our mind and ears open to new ideas and use science to develop them to help our customers stay ahead of the game.

Our three centres of excellence located in Europe, Australia, and USA have a global focus yet operate locally to deliver  synergistic, customised solutions to our customers.

​If you can’t measure you can’t manage. The Centor Group is engaged in seeking out, developing and testing in our own laboratories the analytical tools which enable seed managers to make better decisions.

​Centor Group offers a wide range of analytical equipment capable of collecting a host of information on all aspects of seed and seed coatings.

Centor Group and Members

Centor Group 


Centor Oceania

Centor Europe

Centor Israel

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