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Stand out in the field

There are many reasons to apply a seed coating, from identification of seed lots, standing out in the field, protecting users and the environment with some seed applied actives, to improving coating rates, or plantability.

Whatever the reason there are also a myriad of testing stages that each polymer goes through during its development cycle.

In-house R&D facilities

With a vision to be one of the leading seed improvement technology provider in India and across the world, Centor India R&D Lab is setup successfully in Jan 2021 as our first milestone.


The Centor India R&D lab comprises the state-of-the-art equipment to test seed coatings and quality with some exclusive offerings:


• In-house developed and patented “Flow-TEK” meter to measure seed flowability and


• ‘Abrasion’ tester equipment to understand ‘dust-off’ of treated seeds.

• Unique, hand held ‘Chlorophyll analysers to understand the right harvest moment of

  seed and long term seed storability.

• Specially developed a Lab-scale Pan Rotary coater to replicate actual pan coating

  process at a lab scale.

• We use cloud based ‘dataloggers’ to capture seed date like RH%, temperature and dew

  point in real time, alternatively it could be used during seed storage and transport.


We have in-house facilities to test treated and untreated seeds for polymer coating, drying time, dust-off, pH balance, germination %, seed flowability, seed viability & maturity levels.

Hyderabad: Corporate Office

India being a major agriculture country, the growth of seed industry has gained prominence over the years.

Hyderabad being the hub of Indian Seed Industry, Centor India have chosen Hyderabad, Telangana to be its base.


The office was established in Alwal hills, Hyderabad during August 2020. The office provides all the facilities of a modern space to felicitate Client meets, conferences, webinars and training.


It provides a reflection of the Centor group and a work environment focused on continuous improvement, where ideas are nurtured for growth and sustainability.

Flow-Tek meter arrives 

With the first unit Import from Australia, Centor India is proud to introduce one of a kind Lab FlowTek Meters for the first time to the Indian market –  Solely researched and designed by Centor Oceania (Australia); which are also shipped all over the world.

Centor Oceania has developed a lab scale seed flowability tester which can do just that, by using the flow meter you can distinguish between seed treatments with a high degree of accuracy. The Lab FlowTek will measure how quickly seed will pass through equipment, it will also let you know if there will be any issues with bridging in hoppers as well as gauging plantability in the field.

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R&D facilities
stand out in the field
hyderabad corporate office
flow-tek meter arrives
new staff member

What People Say

Barley Grains


Dear Krishnendu san,

 "Centor India having innovative, latest, top technical and customer worthy premium Products and Services" 

Mr. Gajanand Biradar,

General Manager -

Logistics & Operation

Sakata Seed India (P) LTD (SID)



"Drying Beads are an amazing product which help us achieving stupendous seed germination result (more than 90%) for the seed we produced over here at hills of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

Such kind of results were never achieved earlier. Kudos to Centor India for bringing this path breaking product in India."

Avinash Rana

Production Officer, ACSEN HyVeg Pvt. Ltd.



"If you are looking for a coating aid, you need to check out CENTOR INDIA.

I was looking for a polymeric colour coating formulation for some of our agriculture products and I had almost given up. Somehow I came across CENTOR INDIA just to see what they had and what they could offer, I was offered some combinations of colour coating polymers and it was worked perfectly well for us. Mr. Krish and team is the friendliest people to deal with I hope this association will go miles !"

Anuj Chaudhari

Senior Scientist, R & D

(Product Development)




"I just wanted to share my experience about your product and Services.

Products are very effective to enhance the value propositions of our products.


We are also happy with sales services an it is very good" 

Rajesh Jadhav

Quality Control

Basant Agrotech

Barley Grains
ankur logo.png


Dear Sir,


With reference to your following mail, SeedWorx Blaze 2 Red R1 and Violet V1 are two products supplied by you. These products are really benefited, so we are happy with your products & services. 

S. G. Saraf,

Ankur Seeds

mongwoo logo.png


“We are using Centor India Polymers since many years, Product Quality is very good and did not face any problems till date. Centor India’s

After Sales Service is excellent and


Chandrashekhara, V. D


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