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Blends and Powders

Seed coating powder blends fulfil a range of needs, by adding weight to grasses, improving the size and shape of elongated seeds, such as carrot or lettuce. These changes improve precision planting results, utilise otherwise undersized seed, typical with sunflower and maize.


And can also encapsulate other ingredients to protect the seed, or improve growth.

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Finishing Powder max pic 2.JPG

Seedworx Finishing Powder Max

Filmcoat . Encrustment . Pellet

  • Good drying power

  • Real perceptible shine

  • High opacity


Seedworx EasyOn

Filmcoat . Encrustment . Pellet

  • Easy to use formula 

  • Lightweight pellet

  • Smooths out surfaces of irregular shaped seed


Seedworx EasyPel

Filmcoat . Encrustment . Pellet

  • Compatible with Seedworx polymers

  • Produces smooth pellets

  • Allow gases & water through to the seed

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